Youth Intervention Center


God's love and hope to men and women in prison.


The church and concerned persons to get involved in prison ministry.


Churches, businesses and individuals to partner financially with challenging local mission opportunities.

Bringing hope and encouragement to those within prison walls in Lancaster County and beyond

Support for Prison Ministries, with offices in Brownstown, PA, is a growing inter-denominational ministry that contracts chaplain services to Lancaster County Prison (LCP) and Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center (YIC).  SFPM also does training and educational programs for local churches and community groups.

We want to thank you for your ongoing prayer support, encouragement and financial gifts. They are important for the expanding ministries that we work with. There are many needy persons among us, and our staff and chaplains have opportunities to minister to them.

Interested in Prison Ministry?

“Our Friday evenings with the young men at YIC are the highlight of our week,” says one of the team members from an area church. An LCP Chaplain says, “My chaplain ministry is a satisfying experience. Many lives are being changed by the power of God.”  Another pastor says, “I enjoy offering second chances to inmates. God has given me many second chances and I want to extend His love and forgiveness to others.”

SFPM is always interested in knowing who has a possible calling or interest for prison ministry. Pastors and church volunteers can also apply for volunteer approval for prison access to visit inmates from their congregations or communities. Spiritual advisers are needed for inmates that have no church connections. And a number of aftercare faith-based ministries are in Lancaster County. Some are for men and some are for women. They use volunteers and mentors in their programs.

Ways You Can Help

A. Prayer – We believe this is a foundational value to the success of our programs.

B. Give – With an annual budget of $400,000 with about $243,302 needed in contributions. Gifts come from churches, businesses, and interested individuals.

C. Distribute newsletters, prayer lists and other informative literature about SFPM.

D. Invite resource speakers (SFPM Director, chaplains or ex-inmates) to share at your church mission or community group.