Lancaster County Prison

There are 6 paid chaplains and 11 regular volunteer chaplains on staff that do Bible studies, mentoring and distribution of Christian literature to around 800 inmates. Annually, over 1,000 Bible correspondence courses are completed. About 15 churches do regular worship services in various units of the prison. Ministry also happens to the staff and correction officers in the prison.

Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center

The Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center houses young persons, ranging from ages 10-17, until their court hearings. Three part-time Chaplains do counseling, group Bible studies and arrange for churches to conduct regular worship service and Christian activities for the young residents.

 Revelations of Freedom Ministries

Revelations of Freedom Ministries is a 12-18 month residential, faith-based discipleship program. We work  with men who are at least 18 years old who are struggling primarily with drug and/or alcohol addictions. Our goal is to help men discover a life of freedom which can only be found in a relationship with Jesus! Our two phase program is located in Blue Ball, Pa.

The Potter’s House and The Potter’s House of Ruth

The Potter’s House operates 3 aftercare houses in the Lancaster area. These two groups, who merged in 2011 into a new organization, provide expanded counseling and discipleship training programs for those getting out of prison. Their goal is to assist and train ex-inmates to become responsible persons in their families, the workplace and communities.

We Care Programs

We Care Programs have been ministering God’s love to prisoners since 1970 from their base in Atmore, AL. They provide chaplains to state correctional facilities. They sponsor faith based dorms and have extensive teaching and educational programs. They conduct an annual prison crusade in January of each year in a dozen or more prisons, with over 300 volunteers involved from many states.