September 2023 

Thank you for taking time to pray for the needs of Support for Prison Ministries and the work of our chaplains and volunteers and those incarcerated that they minister to daily.

Praise Item – I was encouraged when I learned of a state corrections officer that I knew who had been opposed to religious services. Now retired he has become a faithful believer. When he was working in prison, he had to work the religious area and the inmates befriended and continued to witness Christ to him and he drew to their witness. (Del)

Pray for an inmate – whose family lost a member one year ago and as they cross the one-year anniversary, it is difficult.

Pray for a state inmate – who is led to teach other inmates the Bible. That he stays focused on the Bible and not his own abilities and knowledge and that God can use him in this way.

Pray for our Chaplains – as they balance their personal lives and families and still give quality time with ministering to prisoners. Pray that God gives them the strength and encouragement to have a well-balanced and healthy relationship with God and family.

Pray for the aftercare ministries – That they would continue to work in keeping returning inmates from falling into pitfalls that derail their faith. Let them listen and grow in these aftercare instructors and leaders that are committed to making men and women stable in the Lord and society,

Pray for an inmate – whose family is going through a rough time, and he is trying to be a support to them from LCP

Pray for a pastor and his wife – who has tried to help ex-inmates and those with mental health needs. She was assaulted trying to help one of the men. Ask God to be there to strengthen and encourage them in their ministry. Let them know God’s discernment for this ministry and help with any future fears,

Pray for an inmate – that refuses to go to church services in prison, much to his parents’ disappointment. They believe that if he would get in a church setting and be with Christian inmates it could make a difference in his life.

Pray for the SFPM Chicken Dinners – On Friday October 28 from 4-5:30 PM at Mellinger Mennonite Church, from 3-5:30 PM at Martin’s Country Market, and 1-5:30 PM at Good’s Store, Blue Ball. Also, that we can find donors that would step forward to help cover the cost of the food.

I cried out to him with my mouth; his praise was on my tongue. Psalms 66:17