Their Stories

  • “By age 19, my life was a disaster. I got involved in a string of robberies and was arrested and sent to LCP.  I wanted to kill myself. But one day I signed up to go to chapel…even though I had no idea what that meant.  The Chaplain explained the meaning of resurrection and the power that Jesus give to have power over sin.  When the Chaplain told me that I could be forgiven of EVERYTHING I had ever done, I was shocked.  I felt the power of the Holy Spirit come over me.  I began to weep…and I felt a peace that I never had before in my troubled life!”  Jaime Santiago continues to serve Jesus and ministers to many needy people. 
  • “Thank you for giving the personal Bible. I hope and pray you will continue to reach out to lost souls. Reading the Bible gives me understanding and wisdom time and again … Since I’m reading the Bible I feel more forgiving of others. I try to fill my spirit with truth and light.”  LCP Male Inmate
  • “I gave my life to God on 9-23-13. My cell mate did also. In the Bible I find the new life I need. Also the way and the truth. I am peaceful because of what God did for me on the cross.”  LCP Male Inmate
  • “I felt guilty for all the wrong things I did. I asked God for forgiveness. I pray for help to make it through each day, not in regret of the past but thankful for this opportunity to make a change in my life.”  LCP Inmate
  • “While I was inside the Lancaster County Prison, I accepted the Lord. My life changed with a new turn of freedom. I then learned more in a local aftercare program. I am now back with my family, have started a business and attend a local church where I am involved in the men’s frat group. Praise the Lord.”  LCP Ex-Inmate
  • “I felt alone and that the world was out to get me. By reading the Bible I know God loves me and I am not alone.”LCP Female Inmate
  • “I have come from an abusive background. I am learning how to forgive the ones who hurt me.”  LCP Female Inmate